Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Battle Report- Space Wolves vs Tyranids

Hey guys, first batrep every on here- please excuse the ramshackle scenery and unpainted Tyranids (I'm repainting all of them!!!) My buddy Al came for a visit this weekend so we threw together a 500 point skirmish which was his first ever time playing 6th edition.  We had a blast- the rules made it so easy to forge a narrative and we got a great story out of it. He forgot to bring his armies (what a dingus) so he captained a contingent of my Space Wolves, and I ran some Tyranids.  Let the battle begin!

Army Lists

Space Wolves
     Rune Priest
            Terminator Armor, Saga of the Beastslayer
      Grey Hunters x10 (2 squads, powerfist in each)
      Lone Wolf
             Terminator Armor, Thunder Hammer/ Storm Shield, Fenrisian Boars x2
      Rhino x2
           Catalyst, Scything talons
      Genestealers x16
           1 Broodlord, 17 Poisoned

The battlefield was set on a Tyranid ravaged planet which was in the last stages of evacuation.  A small company of Space Wolves, in charge of protecting the vanguard of the fleeing planetary defenses, came upon an abandoned refueling station.  In desperate need of supplies, they arrived to regroup, not knowing the horror to come.  

We rolled crusade, 3 objectives (the pink flamingos), vanguard deployment (the corner one).

Al rolled immovable object for his warlord trait, my tervigon got night attacker- so my tyranids attacked under the cover of darkness with night fighting in effect turn 1! Tyranids failed to seize, so the Space Wolves advanced unknowingly into the abandoned camp.

Top of Turn 1
The Rune Priest advances on the fuel hub, while a rhino of Grey Hunters cautiously advances.

The proud and aloof Lone Wolf Sven Swineherder hangs back, while his battle brothers seek to hold the open field behind a line of tank traps (or are those K-cups?)

Bottom of Turn 2 
A ferocious Tervigon is sighted, and immediately begins spewing out a ton of termagants!

A fearsome sight- for any other.

Top of Turn 2 
The Rune Priest stands his ground beneath the fuel tank- there is a comm relay underneath, left behind to signal retreating forces! The Rune priest benefits from re-rollable shooting, while the Grey Hunters disembark to unleash Hel upon the vile xenos 
The other grey hunter pack approaches a secure but open position- it's booby trapped! Squad members start work immediately to disarm the explosive.

Bottom of Turn 2 
Under cover of darkness, vile genestealers rush across the plain to attack the Imperium's finest. 
The tervigon pushes out another brood, who are drawn to a pheromone soaked beacon- another booby trap, left by the planet's defenders! The termagants take no notice and swamp it 
Hold steady, for the Allfather! 

Top of Turn 3 
The Rune priest boldly opens fire, managing to scatter the first off the incoming termagants, who feel no pain in the presence of their brood progenitor.

Grey Hunters open fire, slaying 3 genestealers instantly with holy bolter fire

Top of Turn 4
The rhino's driver boldly attempts to protect his battle brothers
Sven advances, his foe dead in his sights.
More genestealers slain!

Bottom of 4
Sven was assaulted by a horde of termagants, but the rune priest released a massive shock wave, slaying most of them! Genestealers tear into the grey hunters, and fighting continues ferociously. The mighty tervigon smashes the rhino, causing it to explode and drawing first blood for the tyranids.
The broodlord and his pack swarm over the grey hunters defenses, killing 3 marines- they manage the fall back, drawing the attackers away! 

On the retreat
He hungers...

Top of turn 5

The detonator counts down, the pheromones driving the termagants into a frenzy 

The grey hunters recover, and protected by their rhino return fire to thin the attackers out

Battles with the genestealers rages, the duelists face off

Bottom of turn 5
More termagants appear! The rune priest is surrounded, fighting beneath the refueling tower reaches its peak

Clash of titans! The tervigon charges in and causes a wound- Sven the fearless deals a crushing blow, halving the tervigon's wounds!

Genestealers fail to charge!

Bottom of turn 5
Battle brothers fall back, continue to fire 
Nearly slain, the tervigon roars in victory- the mighty Sven has fallen, but his bravery and might shall go down in legend

Rune priest continues to fight, ignoring the dire odds against him

The detonator explodes! It manages to kill only to termagants, so they manage to hold their position

Turn 6
The brothers fall under hopeless odds. The tervigon pours out reinforcements, and the fate of the Space Wolves is sealed.
Genestealers finally manage to catch their prey, securing the victory.

Terrific game, we had a total blast.  Took us a while because we are still learning the rules.  I got lucky with my brood progenitor rolls- got a ton every turn, never rolled doubles! Definitely attribute my victory to that, I was able to keep the rune priest bogged down for half the battle and hold the rear objective.  Al said he would have taken the tervigon out sooner, but besides that no regrets. Another battle report coming soon, next time possibly on a real table!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Daemons!

New Daemons finally posted this weekend- I am so excited! I have been holding off on plaguebearers for years because of those expensive, terrible old models they had that came in a 7 pack.  Well, the new ones look terrific, and I even plan on getting some of the nurgling kits, they look hilarious! Will probably get a squad of each and use them with my Mamon daemon prince model to start a tiny 500 points daemon list- Mamon hasn't seen much action lately since I started using the Blood angels dex, so this will be a great way to have some fun with my nurgle daemons!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Early Thoughts on 6th Edition

So far I've only had a handful of small games of 6th, but thus far I love what I've seen! Snap fire and overwatch lend a great cinematic feel to the battle and prevent you from feeling as helpless when you get charged.  Vehicles are MUCH easier to effectively destroy, which is great when I want to kill tanks but sucks for my precious dreadnought buddies.  One of my favorite things are the changes to monstrous creatures.  The smash special rule and hammer of wrath make all of my Tyranids MCs instantly better and more effective against vehicles.  I have got to try out a winged hive tryant as well against my friend playing Space Wolves, and there was nothing like seeing my tyrant swoop across the battlefield, get shot by snap fire by the whole enemy army until he finally crashed from the sky! Awesome stuff. Can't wait to get my first game against the new Necron codex in this weekend as my buddy Alan is vising and we are trying out the new rules for the first time- should be interesting! But seriously, no complaints about 6th from me, overall a great refresher after 4 years of 5th Edition.

First Post Ever- Quick Introduction

Hello all, finally getting around to starting this blog so just a quick background on my time in the hobby.  I started out back in summer 2008 when 5th Edition JUST hit shelves. My good friend Andrew got me started- I got instantly hooked on Nurgle Chaos Marines, and have been going nuts on all things 40k since! I don't have a ton of time to play and paint these days but I dive into it as much as I can.  I am currently up to 4 playable armies from 1500-2000 points each, still with a ton of work to do. As the new Chaos codex shows up I may dive into a 5th and possible 6th army by dabbling in daemons...when is enough enough??? Anyways my goal with this blog is to share a bit of my hobby madness and chronicle some great battles with my close friends. I will keep pictures and lists of my armies as well as battle reports coming as I finish them up. Thanks for reading!